David Guest

David Guest

Directeur/Bestuurslid bij KINOVO PLC

61 jaar
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David Anthony Guest is currently a Non-Executive Director at Kinovo Plc and a Director at River Oaks Ltd.
He has previously held Director positions at multiple companies including River Oaks Homes Ltd., Akyan Town Apartments Ltd., Brighton Registrars Ltd., Btv1 Ltd., Cayuga 005 Ltd., Gate Technology Systems Ltd., Malamaf Consultants Ltd., Pebble House Ltd., Photobook Shop Ltd., Plano Logic Ltd., River Oaks Holdings Ltd., River Oaks Lewes Ltd., River Oaks Southdowns Ltd., River Oaks Sussex Ltd., Southdowns Park Ltd., T & L Commercial Investments Ltd., Talco Mondial Ltd., Tgl Property Investments Ltd., Uhy Cloudbooks Ltd., and Uhy Hacker Young S E Ltd.
He was also a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.
Mr. Guest's former position was as a Director & Senior Audit Partner at UHY Hacker Young LLP.

Actieve functies van David Guest

KINOVO PLC Directeur/Bestuurslid 10-12-2019
Plano Logic Ltd. Directeur/Bestuurslid -
Uhy Cloudbooks Ltd. Directeur/Bestuurslid -
Tgl Property Investments Ltd. Directeur/Bestuurslid -
Talco Mondial Ltd. Directeur/Bestuurslid -
T & L Commercial Investments Ltd. Directeur/Bestuurslid -
Southdowns Park Ltd. Directeur/Bestuurslid -
River Oaks Sussex Ltd. Directeur/Bestuurslid -
River Oaks Southdowns Ltd. Directeur/Bestuurslid -
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Industrial Services

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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Industrial Services

Commercial Services

Akyan Town Apartments Ltd.

Brighton Registrars Ltd.

Btv1 Ltd.

Cayuga 005 Ltd.

Gate Technology Systems Ltd.

Malamaf Consultants Ltd.

Pebble House Ltd.

Photobook Shop Ltd.

Plano Logic Ltd.

River Oaks Holdings Ltd.

River Oaks Lewes Ltd.

River Oaks Southdowns Ltd.

River Oaks Sussex Ltd.

Southdowns Park Ltd.

T & L Commercial Investments Ltd.

Talco Mondial Ltd.

Tgl Property Investments Ltd.

Uhy Cloudbooks Ltd.

Uhy Hacker Young S E Ltd.

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