Michael Hubertus Pistauer

Michael Hubertus Pistauer

Chief Executive Officer bij MONTANA AEROSPACE AG

55 jaar
Producer Manufacturing
Non-Energy Minerals


Michael Hubertus Pistauer is an entrepreneur and businessperson who founded Pi - Beteiligungs Und Unternehmensberatungs GmbH, Staffel Austria GmbH and Snews GmbH and who has been at the helm of 9 different companies.
Presently, he holds the position of Managing Director at Industriecapital Eins GmbH, Co-CEO & Chief Financial Officer at Montana Aerospace AG, Managing Director at Snews GmbH, Managing Director at Communications Laboratories Telekommunikations Dienstleistungs, Managing Director at Industriecapital Alpha GmbH, Managing Director at Vrt Pensionen GmbH, Managing Director at Global Equity Partners Beteiligungs-Management Deutschland Gmb, Chief Financial Officer & Managing Director at IC IndustrieCapital Immobilien GmbH, Managing Partner at Pi - Beteiligungs Und Unternehmensberatungs GmbH and Co-Managing Director at Montana Tech Components GmbH.
Michael Hubertus Pistauer is also Managing Director at Corsus Immobilien GmbH, Managing Director at Saltus Immobilien GmbH and Managing Director at Virtus Vier Beteiligungs GmbH and on the board of 8 other companies.
In the past Dr. Pistauer occupied the position of Investor Relations Contact at Varta AG, Member-Management Board at INKU AG, Managing Director at Arthur Anderson Corporate Finance GmbH, Member-Executive Board at Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Mittelstandsberatung, Managing Director & Director at EK Mittelstandsfinanzierungs AG, Chief Financial Officer for JoWooD AG and Managing Director at Mezzanin Finanzierungs GmbH.
He received a graduate degree, an undergraduate degree and a doctorate from Vienna University of Economics & Business.

Actieve functies van Michael Hubertus Pistauer

MONTANA AEROSPACE AG Chief Executive Officer 30-06-2022
VARTA AG Director/Board Member 21-05-2019
Director of Finance/CFO 01-01-2019
Snews GmbH Chief Executive Officer -
Communications Laboratories Telekommunikations Dienstleistungs Chief Executive Officer -
Industriecapital Alpha GmbH Chief Executive Officer -
Vrt Pensionen GmbH Chief Executive Officer -
VARTA Pensions-Treuhand eV Director/Board Member -
Varta Consumer Pensions Treuhand eV Director/Board Member -
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Vienna University of Economics & Business Graduate Degree

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Non-Energy Minerals


Electronic Technology

Producer Manufacturing


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Non-Energy Minerals


VARTA Pensions-Treuhand eV

Industriecapital Eins GmbH

Pi - Beteiligungs Und Unternehmensberatungs GmbH

Staffel Austria GmbH

Pink Bird Capital GmbH

Mezzanin Finanzierungs AG


Arthur Anderson Corporate Finance GmbH

Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Mittelstandsberatung

Snews GmbH

Communications Laboratories Telekommunikations Dienstleistungs

Industriecapital Alpha GmbH

Vrt Pensionen GmbH

Varta Consumer Pensions Treuhand eV

Corsus Immobilien GmbH

Saltus Immobilien GmbH

Virtus Vier Beteiligungs GmbH

Global Equity Partners Beteiligungs-Management Deutschland Gmb

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