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    BEL20   BE0389555039

BEL 20

Real-time koersen. Real Time Euronext Bruxelles - 30/11 15:20:15
4131.33 PTS   -0.20%
11:08Nieuwe coronavariant zet druk op koersen
09:11Brussel alweer in het rood
08:24BEURS VAN BRUSSEL : Lagere opening Bel20 voorzien door zorgen over omicron-variant
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Nieuws in andere talen op BEL 20
09:53Solvay Gets EPA Approval for Actizone F5 Disinfectant
09:51SOLVAY : boucle le rachat d'un emprunt obligataire
09:02BONDS : Solvay rembourse des obligations à échéance 2022 de façon anticipée
08:33Not intended for U.S. Media – Solvay announces results of its tender offer to pur..
08:01COLRUYT N : Repurchase of treasury shares
07:41UCB : and Chiesi enter global license agreement for zampilimab a …
29/11ANHEUSER BUSCH INBEV : Disclosure Made According to the Requirements of the Royal Decree o..
29/11GROUPE BRUXELLES LAMBERT : GBL - Transactions sur actions propres 29-11-2021
29/11GROUPE BRUXELLES LAMBERT : GBL - Transactions on GBL shares 29-11-2021
29/11SOFINA : Share Buy Back – 29/11/2021
29/11GROUPE BRUXELLES LAMBERT : Transactions on GBL shares from November 22, 2021 until Novembe..
29/11GROUPE BRUXELLES LAMBERT : Transactions sur actions propres du 22 novembre 2021 au 26 nove..
29/11COFINIMMO : acquires a nursing and care home in France
29/11COFINIMMO : acquiert une maison de repos et de soins en France
29/11IPCEI : an opportunity to accelerate the EU battery innovation roadmap
29/11GALAPAGOS : completes patient recruitment for MANGROVE Phase 2 trial with GLPG2737 in poly..
29/11RÉOUVERTURE DU COLRUYT MEILLEURS PRI : un magasin rénové plus durable
29/11COLRUYT N : Lowest Prices at Gembloux reopens a renovated and more sustainable store
29/11COLRUYT N : Le nouveau magasin Spar de Peer rouvre ses portes le 2 décembre
29/11COLRUYT N : Renovated Spar Peer opens its doors on 2 December
26/11UCB : Disposals of own shares
26/11APERAM S A : November 26, 2021 – Aperam's proposed acquisiton of ELG receives green ..
26/11Aperam's proposed acquisition of ELG receives green light from the European Commission
26/11La proposition d'acquisition d'ELG par Aperam reçoit le feu vert de la Commission Europ..
26/11APERAM : l'UE autorise l'acquisition de ELG Haniel
26/11TELENET : starts its Share Repurchase Program 2021, effective today
26/11TELENET : commence son Programme de rachat d'actions 2021 aujourd'hui
26/11QUARTERLY STATEMENT : Elia Group Q3 2021
25/11PROXIMUS : et la ville de Malines lancent un projet pilote pour raccorder des bornes de re..
25/11PROXIMUS : and the city of Mechelen are starting a pilot project to connect charging point..
25/11ELIA / : ALEGrO, the first interconnector between Belgium and Germany, celebrates its firs..
25/11ELIA / : ALEGrO, la première interconnexion entre la Belgique et l'Allemagne fête sa premi..
24/11Notification Personne Désignée
24/11Designated Person Notification
24/11UMICORE : Battery Passport set to spark true sustainable e-mobility
24/11COLRUYT GROUP ET TOO GOOD TO GO S'AS : le pictogramme "Observez, Sentez, Goûtez" bientôt s..
24/11COLRUYT GROUP AND TOO GOOD TO GO JOI : “Look, Smell, Taste" pictogram soon on Privat..
23/11Umicore - Disposal of own shares
23/11AGEAS / : annonce le déménagement de son siège social dans l'immeuble Manhattan à Bruxelle..
23/11ELIA / : and Energinet's collaboration is advanced following preliminary study on hybrid i..
23/11ELIA / : et Energinet franchissent une nouvelle étape dans leur collaboration après l'étud..
23/11COLRUYT N : Revamped OKay Bissegem reopens on 26 November
23/11COLRUYT N : Réouverture du magasin OKay rénové de Bissegem le 26 novembre
23/11COLRUYT N : Repurchase of treasury shares
23/11Ackermans & van Haaren still on course for record result over the full year 2021
23/11Galapagos Completes Patient Enrolment In Mid-Stage Kidney Disease Study
22/11Galapagos Completes Patient Recruitment for Mid-Stage Kidney Disease Trial
22/11Galapagos completes patient recruitment for MANGROVE Phase 2 trial with GLPG2737 in pol..
22/11Galapagos Nv Completes Patient Recruitment for Mangrove Phase 2 Trial with GLPG2737 in ..
22/11TELENET : not withheld for final negotiations in relation to the acquisition of VOO
22/11TELENET : n'a pas été retenue dans le cadre des négociations finales pour l'acquisition de..
22/11GROUPE BRUXELLES LAMBERT : GBL - Transactions sur actions propres 22-11-2021
22/11GROUPE BRUXELLES LAMBERT : GBL - Transactions on GBL shares 22-11-2021
22/11GROUPE BRUXELLES LAMBERT : Transactions on GBL shares from November 15, 2021 until Novembe..
22/11GROUPE BRUXELLES LAMBERT : Transactions sur actions propres du 15 novembre 2021 au 19 nove..
22/11COFINIMMO : to build a new nursing and care home in Andalusia
22/11SOFINA : Disposal of Treasury Shares – 22/11/2021
22/11COFINIMMO : will acquire three nursing and care homes in Germany
22/11COFINIMMO : fait construire une maison de repos et de soins en Andalousie
22/11COFINIMMO : va acquérir trois maisons de repos et de soins en Allemagne
22/11Ageas reports on the progress of share buy-back programme
22/11UCB : Partnering with Patient Organizations for Parkinson's Research
22/11COLRUYT N : Dominique Persoone bakt Shopcakes in strijd tegen voedselverlies
22/11COLRUYT N : Des ę Shopcakes Ľ contre le gaspillage alimentaire
22/11COLRUYT N : Dominique Persoone bakes Shopcakes in the fight against food loss
22/11COLRUYT WESTMALLE : completely renovated store with bigger fresh market
22/11COLRUYT N : Réouverture du Colruyt Meilleurs Prix de Westmalle après rénovation
22/11COLRUYT N : Le magasin Spar nouvelle génération rouvre ses portes à Ivoz-Ramet
22/11COLRUYT N : The new generation Spar store reopens in Ivoz-Ramet
22/11Cofinimmo SA agreed to acquire three nursing and care homes in Germany for ?39 million.
19/11UCB : Disposals of own shares
19/11COFINIMMO : Disposal of treasury shares
19/11COFINIMMO : Aliénation d'actions propres
19/11TELENET : Belgian Competition Authority approves Telenet's sale of half of Doccle's shares..
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KBC GROUPE NV74.14 Real-time koersen.2.15%
TELENET GROUP HOLDING NV31.48 Real-time koersen.0.90%
PROXIMUS SA16.14 Real-time koersen.0.69%
SOFINA SA409.2 Real-time koersen.0.59%
ELIA GROUP NV/SA109.7 Real-time koersen.0.55%
SOLVAY SA98.4 Real-time koersen.-0.83%
AGEAS SA/NV45.88 Real-time koersen.-0.93%
GALAPAGOS NV42.6 Real-time koersen.-0.93%
UMICORE42.46 Real-time koersen.-1.42%
ANHEUSER-BUSCH INBEV49.935 Real-time koersen.-1.78%
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